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A workshop with Buena Vista
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A workshop may happen during a week end.
Seminars are a powerful process of personal transformation for those who want "to open their eyes" and become aware and responsible about their vision.
Getting out of deeply rooted visual habits and directly experimenting new visual styles is easy and pleasant.  During a workshop people start to experience episodes of clear and relaxed vision.

A workshop is also the most effective tool for the prevention of  visual problems.

Are you on your own, but interested in Buena Vista?

Help me to contact with a center that would like to organize a workshop.
Send me an e- mail with their telephone and e-mail address.
We will send you the necessary information.

Are you in charge of a center or an association?

Undertaking this new activity could bring new interesting aspects.
A week end of Buena Vista is in many important points different from the greatest part of the proposals that you already offer to your audience.
It is an approach that allows to understand better the relationship between how a person sees and the way she/he is and acts.
This could be a new, important element for therapists and operators of other disciplines.

You can also reach a new audience. Buena Vista is addressed to people with visual problems that are not normally interested, for psychological and social reasons, in the greatest part of the activities that you propose, a public that normally is a little weary of novelties. A layer of people in progressive and strong numerical increase as visual problems and particularly myopia show a steady increase.

What do we do and what is needed?

We will offer non residential week ends. Saturday and Sunday: 6+6 hours of group activity.

  • games and exercises to put one’s visual ability in shape and to reduce the dependence on lenses
  • Various and pleasant experiences to bring awareness into the mechanism of  vision. To overcome the physical and psychological obstacles to an efficient and relaxed eyesight.
  • Particular attentionton is given to the growth of awareness.
  • Activities involve eyes, mind, body and emotions

Which approaches are used?

- Bates Method (with the contributions of Goodrich, Quackenbush, Liberman)                       
 - NLP
- Techniques of meditation             
- Feldenkrais             
- Brain Gym

Requirements of the place

A warm ample room, airy and luminous with also strong artificial illumination. Hi - Fi, Microphone and mixer
Plug for CD and possibly also MP3 (it cannot be a portable set). Floor covered with mattresses or carpet or mats with pillows and blankets; suited for some noise and moderate activity. No chairs, no tables. A proper outside for brief walks (optional).

Only in Europe?

In Europe It is possible to go and come back, staying for just the time needed for the workshop: That's what we usually do in countries like Italy and Spain.
When going to Asia or South America we need to organize more than one event and a longer stay, in order to cover the travel expences:



from 10 to 25. More numerous groups can be discussed


We need at least 3 months (better 5) to plan an event. Local advertisement, flyers, phone calls should begin at least 45 days before the fixed date.

Group atmosphere

We develop a real atmosphere of group, that allows a deeper involvement in the here & now and trust. Wealth of pleasant surprises and insights. Acceptance of the others and of one’s self. The participant discovers the abundance of his/her own internal resources and experiments several moments of clearer vision and is therefore motivated to continue in his/her own process of growth.

What kind of promotion is needed?

Buena Vista promotes the workshops both through its web site and its vast mail list.
We also give addresses of potential participants of your area, that have already contacted us.

Naturally you will also contact your own audience through your usual means (posters, programs, brochures etc).

It is possible hold a lecture, as well as individual sessions of 1 hour (around 80 euros each) right before and after a workshop


Sharing of the income

The centers will take care of the local organization, including boarding and lodging for the conductor, but not including the expenses of travelling.
The quota of the proceeds that goes to the conductor will be of 60%

Maurizio Cagnoli, founder of Buena Vista

Born in Genoa, Italy in 1947. Graduated in sociology in 1971. Bodyworker since 1971.
Cofounder and president of AIEV, Italian Association for the Visual education.
Experienced in visual perception, he leads workshops on eyesight since 1989 in Italy, Germany, India, Argentina and Spain.
Director of the schools for visual educators of Barcelona, Madrid and Rome

Maurizio Cagnoli
v Palica Tiburzi 32 I-02040 Tarano (Ri) Italy
tel +39 0765 608283  mob /+39 339 4817146