The Art of Vision is a holistic approach to natural vision improvement.
To improve your eyesight just a bit of awareness is needed.

Yes, according to the Bates method, seeing well is an Art: better eyesight can be taught and learnt. Do you suffer from any of these visual problems?

Elongated eye ball and contracted crystal lens. Short sight = bad far vision.
Short eye ball and flat crystal lens. Far sight = bad near vision.
Irregular shape of the cornea. Blurred vision at any distance.
(old age farsightness)
Stiff crystal lens. Bad vision up close.
Fault of coordination between the eyes. Double vision, or one eye switched off.

Are glasses a solution ?

Glasses and lenses don't "heal" myopia or presbyopia. just the opposite: they often make them worse, just in the same way as a wheel chair doesn't teach you to walk.

What about Natural Vision Improvement?

Visual training, the natural vision improvement approach to better eyesight, is expressly designed to train you to do exactly those things, needed in order to see well, that you often tend to skip.

Does it work?

Yes and always, as long as you use your awareness to apply what you have learnt.

Where does it come from?

W. H. Bates M.D., defined the core of this approach, the "Bates Method to natural vision improvement and better seeing without glasses", some 100 years ago. Since then it has transformed into a holistic approach that has solved the visual problems of millions of people around the world.

Why people don't know much about this kind of eye fitness?

In UK and the USA ophtalmologists and optometrists have been fighting a mean legal battle against the Bates method. There are no lobbies in favor, but there are surely powerful lobbies against it.

 Bates method in Italy: Maurizio cagnoli

 Who's doing it?

Maurizio Cagnoli, 1947, is a sociologist, a spiritual seeker and an expert in natural and holistic visual perception. He has been leading workshops and seminars in different countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany and India. Presently training teachers in Italy, Spain and Argentina. To know more about his experience and background go to The birth of Buena Vista (new longer version)

Is it very complicated??

As long as you are available to change, natural vision improvement is a simple process, it is .... natural.

How to take part?

There are Natural Vision Improvement summer holiday courses in Italy and Spain : go to Holiday on Eyes Now also in Argentina and Chile, during winter.


Buena Vista: Maurizio Cagnoli, Rome, Italy, tel/ 0039 0765 608283 or (mobile) +39 339 4817146


Raster-what? This is the (german) word which is mainly used in Italy to refer to Pinhole Glasses. Yes, they can be really helpful in improving your eyesight. And they are atractive!

How to know more?

Working with people's eyes, Natural vision improvement according to Buena Vista: an exceptional document on line. Print it and read it . A german version, a french one, as well as the norwegian and the spanish version are also available. PlusEye fitnessthe translation into hebrew (pdf) and sistema Batesinto slovak

Taking care of your eyes in everyday life: food, movement, relationships and massage: they all can give you a helping hand

A few good sites about myopia prevention, Bates method, laser operations and how to subscribe to mail lists in english, are to be found at links
Refractive surgery : here you find everything about eye operations (refractive surgery). Plus a collection of scientific reports: Refractive surgery: References and there is an interesting article from BBC : people who regained 20/20 through laser are NOT any more accepted in German police, due to poor night vision.

What to do when you have a Difference between the eyes?

Eye fitnessHow to be trained as a teacher? Provided that you speak either italian or spanish.... A one year training course also in separated one week modules is happening in Barcelona (Spain), another one in Madrid, and one in Rome (Italy) .and in Buenos Aires

A few workshops in english may happen iEye fitnessIn different countries. Click here to know what to do to organize a workshop with Buena Vista in your country.